Gondwana rainforest expert Dr. Robert Kooyman has shared his analysis of the devastating 2019/20 bush fires that affected 54% of Gondwana Rainforests of Australian World Heritage Areas in NSW (Ref 1).  

Dr. Robert Kooyman, from the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University, researches the evolutionary biology of Gondwanan-era rainforests across the Pacific and eastern Australia. On January 23rd, before the end of the fire season, he gave a presentation at Wilson’s Creek community hall about the impacts of the Nightcap National Park fire on the many resident plants and animals with Gondwanan lineage, as well as important habitat trees. 

Read more about his presentation from Bushwalking NSW here.

For more on the impact of the 2019/20 fires on rainforests in NSW watch the NCC Bushfire Program’s webinar Flames in the Rainforests: bushfire impacts and restoration in NSW

Part 1 (8 min) – https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=514848162494584&extid=hKEUE8xdaU0rCD56

Part 2 (6 min) – https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=176363530133108&extid=gneSzlULF7EeDvST

Part 3 (8 min) – https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=786446201848217&extid=jwVNCJPBdgN6DhAL

Part 4 (9 min) – https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=182683536165811&extid=Wb9jf3OxIKWZ2FvL


Ref 1 – https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/topics/parks-reserves-and-protected-areas/fire/park-recovery-and-rehabilitation/recovering-from-2019-20-fires/understanding-the-impact-of-the-2019-20-fires


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