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Based on best available science and operational knowledge, the Hotspots Fire Project delivers workshops and resources to landholders and land managers to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to participate in fire management planning. Hotspots operates on a core belief that well-informed and well-prepared communities complement the roles of land managers and fire agencies and that a shared approach to fire management is critical to any form of planning. Under the guidance of the nine project partners in the Advisory Committee, Hotspots is delivered through the coordinated efforts of the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. 

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The Hotspots Fire Project has designed and developed resources to provide land and fire managers, landholders and communities with regionally specific information about vegetation communities, fire ecology and fire management. 

Eliminating fire from fire prone landscapes is not necessary nor a practical solution. Instead, managing fire is crucial. Effective planning is essential to landholder assets, which include life and physical property, as well as the environmental and cultural values of the property. The newly updated “Managing Fire on Your Property” booklets present a framework for incorporating fire into property management planning activities. It urges landholders to consider risk, production, conservation, and cultural values.  

The Managing Fire on Your Property landholder booklets provide regionally specific information on the region’s fire history, vegetation types, climate change predictions, and local groups, while also providing detailed instructions on preparing your own property fire management plan and other fire management information.

These booklets have been updated with the latest scientific and operational knowledge including the changes to the Australian Fire Danger Ratings, the inclusion of Ignition Management Zones, changes to climate change predictions for each region and much more.

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Access the Hawkesbury-Nepean booklet under “Ecological resources” here:  

Access the Northern Rivers booklet under “Ecological resources” here:  

Access the Southern Rivers booklet under “Ecological resources” here:


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