Help us maintain a professional and supportive environment for all discussions.

1. Be constructive 

  • Respect others’ opinions even if they do not reflect yours. If you disagree with a position, explain why and keep in mind that you can disagree without being disagreeable.
  • You are free to correct facts posted by others as they are free to correct yours.
  • Keep discussions centred on ideas, not the people behind them.

2. Back up your ideas 

  • Let’s keep the discussions credible.
  • Where possible, ground your posts with evidence and facts.
  • Cite any sources that you have used so that your colleagues could refer to them and avoid any breach of copyright.
3. Keep on topic 
  • Post replies that are relevant to the initial post in any topic.
  • If your reply branches off to another area you think is also important to discuss, feel free to suggest a new forum topic.


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