Fire to Flourish, a Monash University iniative hosted a summit in August 2023 on disaster resilience for Indigenous Australians.

Supported by the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience, Bigibilla Indigenous Consultants, NSW Environmental Protection Authority, Jagun Alliance and the Natural Hazards Research Australia, the summit explored key issues from past disasters and identified possible ways to improve outcomes for Indigenous people during future similar events.

The seminar included presentations from both Indigenous and non-indigenous researchers, agency staff and emergency management practitioners including Oliver Costello Director of the Jaguan Alliance, Aunty Helen Durous from Fire to Flourish, Rachel Amini-Yanner CEO of Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and many others.

Access the full program, presentation slides, videos from the day as well as graphic designs from the summit here:

Watch a video about the summit here:

Top image: Flickr Riccardo Maria Mantero


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