Are you someone who is often on the front line after a fire or extreme weather event? Do you want to know how best to care for the wildlife you may come across? Then this resource is for you.

The NSW Government has released a handbook for NSW Firefighters and first responders about how to help injured wildlife during an emergency, including species specific recommendations for:

  • koalas,
  • kangaroos,
  • wombats,
  • echidnas,
  • possums and gliders,
  • bandicoots,
  • quolls,
  • reptiles,
  • and more…

The Handbook outlines a decision tree for assessing wildlife, including what approvals are needed to catch, restrain, and transport wildlife.

Safety precautions and an extensive equipment list of things you may need are outlined for all first responders as well as the reporting requirements for any encounters with wildlife you have.

Catching and restraining techniques are also discussed including the importance of checking the pouches of dead wildlife, and what to do if young are found.

Download the handbook here to be ready to head out into the field:

Top image: Flickr – Abby


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