Bushfire Hazard Reduction Burning in Sydney

Hi Frank,

That is a great idea.

Bushfire Hazard Reduction Burning and Pile Burning is fast becoming a “lost art” in the community and is frequently moving out of the reach/capabilities of many land owners.

Obtaining a Fire Permit can often be a drawn out and frustrating process depending on the Area and Officers you may be dealing with.

With regards to the conducting of Bushfire Hazard Reduction Burning and Pile Burning, if a TAFE course were available for “Assist with Prescribed Burning” and “Conduct Prescribed Burning” this would be a great initiative for interested members of the community.

I conduct Bushfire Hazard Reduction Burning and Pile Burning in the Sydney area and I would be happy to invite anyone who is interested to attend my hazard reduction burns to gain practical knowledge and experience. We can issue a company certificate to you and if this experience could in the future contribute towards completion a TAFE award/certificate that would be good for the individual and the community.

If anyone is interested in gaining practical knowledge and experience with Bushfire Hazard Reduction Burning and Pile Burning you can contact me anytime:
Website: https://www.firesupport.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/firesupportNSW/

All the best!

Timothy Wainwright
Director – Fire Safety & Training
Fire Support NSW


Please send us an email and we'll reply within three working days. Regards, NCC Fire and Restoration team


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