Greg Banks

Hi Frank
There is no formal training required for members of the public/contractors etc. in undertaking pile burns however the NSW RFS recommends they are undertaken according to the NSW RFS Standards for Pile Burning.

It is important to have the right equipment (handtools, water backpacks) and enough personnel on hand to assist, and of course assessment of the weather conditions to maximise safety of the burn. Those proposing to undertake pile burns should also ensure that their insurance covers liability should things go wrong.

If you want to do this type of work it would be a good idea to approach your local Fire & Rescue or RFS office about their requirements for contractors proposing to do pile burns on both public and private lands.

Are there any other contractors or others who have had experience in liaising with Fire & Rescue or the RFS about training for people wanting to carry out their own pile burns? Any advice for Frank would be welcome.



Please send us an email and we'll reply within three working days. Regards, NCC Fire and Restoration team


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