The Threatened Species Recovery Hub hosted a four part webinar series in August/September (2020) on climate, fire and biodiversity. The Threatened Species Recovery Hub is funded by the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program and 10 of the country’s leading academic institutions and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. Their aim is to undertake research to support the recovery of threatened species and ecological communities across Australia.

This webinar series, facilitated by Rachel Morgain (Knowledge Broker, NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub), starts with two presentations by leading experts and then an open panel discussion. Four topics are covered:

Lessons from the fires: A biodiversity and climate perspective

  • David Karoly (Leader, NESP Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub)
  • John Woinarski (Deputy Director, NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub)
  • Sally Box (Australia Government’s Threatened Species Commissioner)
  • Andrew Dowdy (Australian Bureau of Meteorology & Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub)
  • Luke Purcell (Manager, AFAC National Resource Sharing Centre)
  • Oliver Costello (CEO, Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation)
  • Dan Rogers (Principal Ecologist, South Australian Department for Environment and Water)
  • Vanessa (Ecologist NSW, Bush Heritage Australia)

Evidence based planning for resilient World Heritage Areas

  • Melinda Laidlaw (Senior Ecologist, DES)
  • Dave Newell (Senior Lecturer, Southern Cross University)
  • Innes Larkin (Owner, Mt Barney Lodge)
  • Robyn Whipp (Senior Policy Officer, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment)
  • Tricia Waters (Executive Officer, Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service)
  • Sugata Narsey (Research Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology)

Building climate resilience through natural habitats

  • John Clarke (Research Team Leader, CSIRO)
  • Nicki Mitchell (University of Western Australia and NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub)
  • Rebecca Morris (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Centre for Coasts and Climate at the University of Melbourne)
  • Georgia Garrard (Senior Lecturer, RMIT)
  • Samarla Deshong (Indigenous Project Officer, NRM)

Carbon sequestration & biodiversity: valuing & managing carbon-rich systems

  • Pep Canadell (Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO and Executive Director, Global Carbon Project)
  • David Lindenmayer (ANU Sustainable Farms and Threatened Species Recovery Hub)
  • Rowan Foley (CEO, Aboriginal Carbon Foundation)
  • Megan Evans (Lecturer, University of New South Wales, Canberra)
  • Paul Ryan (Manager, Forests, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources)
  • Adrian Enright (Director of Partnerships, Tasman Environmental Markets)
  • Elisa Rauling (Science and Planning Manager, Greening Australia’s Great Southern Landscapes Program)

Watch “Lessons from the Fires: a biodiversity and climate perspective” below or click here to access all of the webinars. Access the Q+A and Resource Pack for this webinar here.


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