In May, the BHCRC hosted its National Fire Fuels Science Forum. Usually hosted live, the forum was moved online due to COVID-19 restrictions. The three-day forum was converted into three online webinars that explored issues surrounding hazard reduction burns.

The first webinar, “The thing about hazard reduction: why is it so difficult and divisive?” included talks by Dr Sarah Harris (Country Fire Authority) Sascha Rundle (ABC Emergency Broadcasting), Oliver Costello (Firesticks Alliance) and Justin Leonard (CSIRO). Watch the webinar here.

The second webinar, “The science of hazard reduction: what do we know, what are the knowledge gaps?” included presentations by Dr Neil Burrows (FireNinti Consultancy), Prof Mike Clarke (La Trobe University), A/Prof Tina Bell (University of Sydney & the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC), Dr Phil Zylstra (Curtin University), and Prof Mark Adams (Swinburne University of Technology). Watch the webinar here. 

The last webinar, “The practice of hazard reduction: what are the potentials and limitations?” included presentations by Dr Adam Leavesley (ACT Parks and Conservation Service), Dr Valerie Densmore (WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions), Ruth Ryan (HVP Plantations) and Dr Simon Heemstra (NSW Rural Fire Service). Watch the webinar here.

BNHCRC is a centre that acts as a hub for research about bushfires and natural hazards. For more information on BNHCRC head to 


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